This series of radial cylindrical roller bearings are especially thought for all those applications where self holder-up systems for axial loads are provided.
The main stud, on which they are mounted, is made of high strength steel with very good welding properties.
It is carefully manufactured and represents a big help for the end users of these bearings to make their application easier.
These radial bearings can be supplied both long life lubricated with water repellent, meral-oil-base grease, suitable for high pressure and low speeds and with labyrinth seals. This means that relubrication
has to be made through the lubrication hole in the middle of the stud to be welded.
These bearings are mainly used in the carriage of the masts in retractable lift trucks, in combination
with slides in antifriction material.

General Specifications


Outer races: Steel UNI 20MnCr5 casehardened
and tempered with final surface hardness 60±2 HRc
Inner races: UNI 100Cr6 tempered and annealed steel with surface hardness equal to 60±2 HRC
Rolling bodies: UNI 100Cr6 tempered and annealed steel with surface hardness equal to 62±2 HRC
Main pin: Steel UNI Fe52C annealed to be easily welded

Tolerances: According to DIN 620 standard
Precision class: Compliant with PN class
Tip clearances: According to DIN 620 standard
Load factors: Calculated in compliance with ISO 76 and ISO 281 standards

Alternative designs:

– bearings for high and low temperatures applications
– bearings for applications in aggressive environments
– tailor-made based on customer’s drawing

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Radiallager mit Bolzen für PräzisionsstahlprofileRadiallager mit Bolzen für Präzisionsstahlprofile

Radiallager mit Bolzen für Präzisionsstahlprofile